Caribou sanctuary in Canada saving endangered herd

STORY: This sanctuary is saving

endangered caribou

It was created by the West Moberly

and Saulteau First Nations

in British Columbia, Canada

Their aim is to protect the

declining local caribou population


"The last two years, the calves that we released into the wild they weren't just eaten by wolves and bears, they've actually survived and they are still here. And some of them are actually in here right now reproducing, which is amazing."

Since the sanctuary was created

the endangered Klinse-Za herd

has tripled in size to 114


"I used to work in oil and gas, and you know a lot of that stuff where we were kind of like extracting resources and so to be part of something that is really opposite that, you know, I can go to bed at night knowing like, yes I am contributing to this, right?"

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