Cargo sailboat sets ‘green’ shipping example

STORY: This cargo ship runs on wind power

Grain de Sail is a modern cargo ship

Its makers want to set an example

for ‘green’ maritime shipping


“So, at Grain de Sail we really want to produce and to sell gastronomic product, where the raw material will come from far away. And so basically, for example, cocoa and coffee that you cannot produce in France and that you need to go, to go import from like a country in South America or Central America, but to do it in a more sustainable way using a cargo sailboat.”

A trans-Atlantic crossing

takes the ship about 24 days

It makes two Atlantic crossings per year

and can carry about 50 tons in its hull


"We’re using only the wind, really, to cross the Atlantic. We still have a small engine on the boat because it's compulsory for maneuvering within the port. But the goal is really to use only the wind to reduce drastically the carbon emission.”

The company says its business model is profitable

and is already constructing a larger second ship

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