Volunteer Charts Healing Process for Baby Bat Found With Hole in Wing

A baby bat found in Queensland with a large hole in its wing is being nursed back to health at a local rescue center, with its rescuer documenting the healing process in footage shared to YouTube.

The footage was posted online by Queensland-based Denise Wade, who has been caring for injured baby bats for more than a decade.

“Due to the miraculous healing properties of wing membrane, holes heal up completely,” Wade said in a description alongside her December 9 video, meaning a “bright future” for the bat, who has been named Storm, and will be released back to the wild “early next year”.

Attending to the injured bats at her home in Rochedale South, she regularly shares updates on the animals to her Batzilla the Bat YouTube and Facebook pages. Credit: Batzilla the Bat via Storyful

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