Care Home Transformed Into Buckingham Palace for Queen's Jubilee

Residents of a care home in Windsor woke up to find the facility had been transformed into a little Buckingham Palace in celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee.

Red drapes, royal portraits, a fireplace, and lavish decorations adorned the Mountbatten Grange care home, with a giant throne taking center stage. Afternoon tea, sandwiches, cakes and scones were also prepared.

Residents had been told that morning to “dress to impress”, according to a press release, and were greeted by team members dressed as the Queen’s Guard and a real-life corgi, named Marcel Le Corgi.

Kathleen Lewis, 98, said: “We knew nothing about what was going on – it was all done so secretly. I thought it was fantastic. It was quite a surprise!”

Video provided by Care UK shows the residents being treated like kings and queens. Credit: Care UK via Storyful

Video transcript

EMILY GARDINER: Today we've celebrated the Queen's Jubilee by transforming our cafe area into Buckingham Palace for the residents to enjoy and have a nice afternoon tea.

JAMES MUNDY: Everybody dressed up. Very big surprise.

KATHLEEN LEWIS: Well, I thought it was fantastic and quite a surprise.

- You look really lovely.

KATHLEEN LEWIS: And we knew nothing about what was going on. It was all done so secretly.

DEBBIE WINWOOD: In Mountbatten Grange, we arrange our activities based on the residents' likes and interests. It is beneficial for older people because celebrating the Jubilee and its reminiscing and it's fun.

EMILY GARDINER: It was just great to see the residents' reactions and see them all just come out and enjoy it. But I think my favorite part would have been the dog and seeing everyone's faces when they saw the corgi running around.

JAMES MUNDY: It was great fun, very well organized. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

MARGARET PURVIS: Beautiful cakes. It was all done very, very nicely. A great surprise.

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