Cardi B Says She Should've Done Her "Research" Before Posing as a Hindu Goddess

Chelsey Sanchez
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From Harper's BAZAAR

Cardi B sparked controversy after the drop of her November cover for Footwear News, which showcases her imitating the Hindu goddess Durga.

Critics were quick to call out Cardi for appropriating Hinduism, a religion practiced by more than a billion people across the globe, and for disrespecting their culture. "I found this really disrespectful towards our culture because even wearing a shoe in a temple is prohibited, but then she did a photoshooot by holding a shoe in her hand saying she paid 'homage,'" wrote one person on Twitter.

In a statement to People on Wednesday, Footwear News apologized for the incident. "Yesterday we posted content from our exclusive Cardi B cover shoot. One of the images was intended to pay homage to Hindu goddess Durga, and our intent was to show a powerful woman. However, we realize we were not considerate of certain cultural and religious perspectives and how this could be perceived as deeply offensive," the magazine's statement said.

"We take full accountability for this oversight and we apologize. It is important we learn from this example and are sensitive to this sort of religious imagery when creative discussions are taking place in the future. Today, we're releasing another cover from the shoot that was a subscriber exclusive," it continued.

The 28-year-old musician also apologized. Taking to her Instagram Story, she said that she regrets not doing her "research."

She began, "When I did the Reebok shoot, the creatives told me I was going to represent a Goddess; that she represents strength, femininity and liberation, and that's something I love and I'm all about."

Further, she noted that her fans were making her aware of the mishap. "And though it was dope, if people think I'm offending their culture or their religion, I want to say I'm sorry. That was not my intent," she said. "I do not like disrespecting nobody's religion. I wouldn't like people to offend my religion. When people dress as the Virgin Mary and Jesus, as long as they do it in a beautiful, graceful way, a respectful way, I don't feel a certain type of way. I wasn't trying to be disrespectful. Maybe I should have done my research. I'm sorry, I can't change the past, but I will do more research for the future."

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