Car Trailing Biden Bus Crosses Into Lane With Trump Supporter's Vehicle

At least one minor collision occurred after vehicles carrying Trump flags and signs surrounded a Biden/Harris campaign bus traveling from San Antonio to Austin, Texas, on October 30, local media reported.

The vehicles surrounded the bus, which was carrying campaign staff, on Interstate 35. Travis County Democratic Party Chair Katie Naranjo shared a photo showing damage to a white vehicle, writing that Trump supporters “ran into a person’s car, yelling curse words and threats.”

Footage from the I-35 shows a white vehicle crossing road markings into a lane with a black vehicle carrying Trump flags. Other footage shows the black vehicle crossing the road markings into the lane with the white vehicle and colliding with it.

Police told local media they were investigating the incident. “The at-fault vehicle may be the white SUV and the victim appears to be the black truck,” the police statement read.

This footage was captured by Naomi Narvaiz, who was traveling on the interstate near the Biden/Harris campaign bus. Narvaiz is heard in the footage saying the vehicles are “kind of escorting” the bus, encouraging others to join them.

Narvaiz told Storyful that she and her husband learned that Trump supporters would be peacefully protesting as the bus was making stops in the area. “We had been phone banking for Chip Roy in Kyle, Texas, so we drove to San Marcos and met a few others and waited until we got a message that the bus was near,” Narvaiz said.

Narvaiz said the convoy joined the I-35 and headed north alongside the bus. She said the white vehicle was driven by a person in a Biden mask and “was driving very close to the bus and in two lanes instead of one.” Storyful has not confirmed who was driving the white vehicle.

Narvaiz said an alleged incident in which the white car was swiped by a vehicle carrying Trump flags happened after they passed. “None of the Trump supporters were aggressive that I saw,” Narvaiz said.

Texas Democrats said they canceled at least two events as a result of the incident, citing “safety concerns.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was “looking into” the incident, a law enforcement official told The Texas Tribune. Trump tweeted a video of the incident with the caption, “I LOVE TEXAS!” Credit: Naomi Narvaiz via Storyful