Car Chase Staged in Canberra as Filming for New Liam Neeson Movie Starts in Australia

Many streets in Canberra were closed on Thursday, January 14, as filming started for Blacklight, a movie starring Liam Neeson.

Footage captured by local Jamie Lankford shows a truck swerving on the road and the sidewalk while a camera crew records the scene.

Lankford told Storyful, “Having been to New York before and seeing how popular it is for films, it’s exciting to have it happening here at home.”

He added, “Given we love the US and can’t travel back there at the moment, it’s great to have the USA come to us.”

According to local reports, while Neeson plays the lead role, he is not in Canberra for the shoot. Instead, the scenes are being performed by stunt drivers as Canberra will be made to look like downtown Washington for the film.

Public transport routes have been redirected as multiple parts of Canberra’s central business district have been closed while filming takes place. Credit: Jamie Lankford via Storyful