Car bombing wounds Russian nationalist writer

STORY: A prominent Russian nationalist writer was wounded in a car bombing on Saturday (May 6), and his driver was killed, in what is the third such attack on pro-war figures since Russia began its full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian government has immediately blamed Ukraine and the West for the incident.

The state Investigative Committee said Zakhar Prilepin’s vehicle was blown up a village about 250 miles east of Moscow.

Prilepin is a novelist with a large following, known for being an outspoken supporter of Russia's actions in Ukraine.

An interior ministry spokeswoman said a suspect had been arrested, and that the incident was being treated as an act of terrorism.

Kyiv has denied Russia’s claim they were responsible for the deaths of the two previous bombing targets -- military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky -- and Darya Dugina, the daughter of a nationalist ideologue.