Car bomb kills 10, injures 25 in northern Syria

Cairo [Egypt], Nov 23 (ANI): At least 10 people were killed and nearly 25 others sustained injuries after a bomb detonated in a car in the northern Syrian town of Tal Abyad, located along the border with Turkey, on Saturday.

"Ten people were killed and 25 were injured as a result of a car bomb exploding in the north Syrian city of Tal Abyad," the source from the Middle Eastern country's opposition Free Syrian Army told Sputnik news agency.

Turkish troops captured the Syrian town from Kurdish-led fighters in October.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Defence Ministry has blamed Syrian Kurdish fighters for the attack.

Two other car bombs have hit Tal Abyad this month, killing at least 21 people.

An armed conflict between various opposition groups, including terrorist organisations, and the government has been ongoing in Syria since 2011.

As part of international efforts to settle the conflict and restore order, the Syrian Constitutional Committee, equally represented by the Syrian government, the opposition and the civil society, was formed this year and had its inaugural meeting in Geneva in late October. The second round of talks is set to start on November 25. (ANI)