Capybaras Run Wild in Buenos Aires Gated Community

Groups of capybaras have been making headlines in recent weeks after becoming a common sight in an upscale Buenos Aires suburb.

Capybaras, a giant South American rodent species, have been seen wandering through streets and gardens in the Nordelta district of the Argentine capital.

The presence of capybaras in the affluent area has made international headlines, while Argentine media outlet La Nacion reported on August 18 that the rodents caused damage to parks, property, and had injured pets in the area.

An adult capybara can weigh up to a little over 140 pounds according to National Geographic. They can measure up to 4.6 feet in length, with a height of up to two feet at their shoulders.

This video, shot by Nordelta resident Dylan Perzan, was shared in part to TikTok on August 22. Perzan though, told Storyful that the footage was shot in late June.

His videos capture the capybaras exploring and grazing in the gated community, as well as one confused capybara who runs into a net guarding a body of water, before eventually making it over the top and making an awkward splash. Credit: Dylan Perzan via Storyful

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