Captured Russian artillery displayed in Prague

STORY: A T-90A Battle Tank, which had been destroyed by the Ukrainian Army during an attempted attack on the Chernihiv region, is among the items on display, according to information compiled by the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, which organized the exhibition.

Ilia Kuczynski, a volunteer from Kyiv, said the purpose of the exhibition is "to show to Europe that the war is closer than they think."

Prague resident Jiri Plocek showed his son the inside of a destroyed Russian military system at the display.

"People have to see what Russians are about and what they are currently able to cause," he said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin calls the conflict, Europe's biggest since World War Two, a "special military operation" to demilitarize neighbouring Ukraine and rid it of dangerous nationalists.

Ukraine and its Western allies say Putin's war is an imperial-style land grab.

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