Captain Sir Tom Moore Memorial Vandalized in Derbyshire

A resident of Hatton, England, said he was “disgusted” after discovering graffiti sprayed on a memorial for the late NHS fundraiser Captain Sir Tom Moore at a Derbyshire nature reserve on Wednesday morning, December 29.

Anthony Ball, who is chairman of the Dove Valley Community Project, which manages the park, said he discovered the damage at around 10 am on Wednesday.

Ball told Derbyshire Live he was “nearly physically sick” when he saw the graffiti.

Photos provided to Storyful by Ball show the sculpture in a black silhouette daubed with white paint spelling out “IRA”, an acronym for the Irish Republican Army. The IRA is a paramilitary organization against British rule in Ireland that is proscribed under UK law.

A second photo shows the memorial on the same day after it was cleaned.

“This type of thing has never happened before either to Captain Sir Tom or anywhere else in our Village of Hatton, Derbyshire. It is really out of character for our village,” Ball told Storyful.

“Captain Sir Tom is now cleaned up. Once again cheering people up in these uncertain times,” he added.

Derbyshire Police have appealed to the public for information, the BBC reported.

Moore became famous during the pandemic in early 2020 when he walked 100 lengths of his garden to raise money for the UK’s National Health Service. He received a knighthood for his efforts in July 2020. Credit: Anthony Ball via Storyful

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