Captain Morgan’s New Summer Rum Tastes Like a Creamsicle

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
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It might not be summer, but we certainly drink like it is! Captain Morgan, the original spiced rum, has a new flavor that will have you dreaming of the beach and fresh cocktails. Say to Captain Morgan Orange Vanilla Twist!

The summer-edition spirit is made with premium Caribbean rum with spice and other flavors. The results is a sweet and fruity drink that tastes like orange and vanilla. Basically, it’s a creamsicle-flavored sip that will have you feeling like you’re on the boardwalk.

The Captain Morgan Orange Vanilla Twist has 30% ABV. It recently began hitting shelves, so keep an eye out the next time you make a run to the liquor store. Since it’s a summer-edition rum, we don’t expect this to be around forever, so don’t procrastinate giving it a try.

The brand recommends mixing the Orange Vanilla Twist with ginger ale or cola, or making a boozy slushie! Yeah, we think we’ll go with that last one. Just grab a blender, orange juice concentrate, pineapple juice, frozen lemonade, and lemon-lime soda, and you have the ultimate frozen drink! Feel free to play with the recipe to make it your own.

Some flavor combinations just scream warm weather, and orange-vanilla is certainly one of them. For the days when we can’t go to the boardwalk for a creamsicle ice cream cone, at least we can make a cocktail with the same flavor profile. When you can’t have ice cream, might as well just go to booze!

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