GEORGE TOWN, Dec 27 (Bernama) -- The Consumer Association of Penang (CAP) wants the government to amend laws to impose heavy punishments on offenders who pollute the environment including water supply as they have affected the lives of millions of people.

Its president Mohideen Abdul Kader said the act of polluting the environment and water supply is the same as the crime of poisoning residents and causing inconvenience to the people.

“Due to irresponsible parties who pollute the environment and water supply, many people have to carry water for their daily use from other sources. So CAP is proposing that the perpetrators should be taught that their criminal acts would not be viewed lightly,” he said in a statement here today.

He said the source of water supply is easily affected by pollution and sabotage leading to grave impact on the water supply in Selangor which supplies water to more than eight million consumers in Selangor, Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur.

According to him, the water pollution which occurred in several rivers in Selangor this year caused the closure of water treatment plants resulting in water supply disruption to millions of people.





"So far, we have not heard of any actions being taken against them despite reports on activities such as sand mining and factories suspected to be the culprits. In fact the name of a leading sand mining company was mentioned but the development just stopped at that,” he said.

Mohideen said the government should not hesitate to act firmly against the crooks such as imposing the mandatory jail sentence, hefty fines and ensure those responsible clean up the pollution they created and had their factory licence suspended for five years.

He said the problem now is due to the lack of protection for water sources for decades until hundreds of factories sprouted on river reserves as well as sewerage plants which caused them to easily dump waste into rivers.

“We urge the government to relocated all commercial and industrial activities far from river reserves and install cameras to ensure river reserves are monitored round the clock as the existing laws have given the power to local authorities, Department of Environment as well as the Irrigation and Drainage Department to enforce and protect water sources,” he said.

According to him, apart from that, there is a need to install raw water pipes from Semenyih reservoir, to the water treatment plant to protect raw water supply in the interest of all parties.



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