Cantopop queen Faye Wong and director Wong Kar-wai collaborate after 18 years

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 5 — Queen of Cantopop, Faye Wong, has been known in recent years for reclusing from the spotlight.

That changed yesterday when the actress was seen working with a former collaborator, renowned film director Wong Kar-wai.

The pair were spotted by paparazzi Liu Dachui filming a commercial on August 4, the report caught the surprise of online users.

The actress wore a white tube dress with golden bangles, looking slightly nervous walking back and forth on the set.

Online users praised her elegant figure and her short, styled hair.

Meanwhile, director Wong asked the actress to repeat her steps until he was satisfied.

He tilted his head back in laughter as the actress continued to practise.

Overall, it appeared that the mood was still good between the pair.

The 52-year-old actress previously worked with the director in the 2004 romantic drama, 2046.

2046 would be one of the actresses’ last big-screen roles.

The director has held Wong in high regard as an actress, even praising her debut performance in the cult-classic Chungking Express

The actress won the best actress award at the 1994 Stockholm Film Festival and was nominated twice at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

Further details of the commercial project the duo are working on are yet to be announced.

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