We Can't Stop Watching This Video Of Billie Eilish Trying To Wrap Her Head Around The Idea Of A Chip Butty

Billie Eilish performing during a Hit Me Hard And Soft album release party
Billie Eilish performing during a Hit Me Hard And Soft album release party Arturo Holmes via Getty Images

In case you haven’t noticed, Billie Eilish is going heavy on the promo trail for her new album Hit Me Hard And Soft.

After topping the UK chart with her latest release last month, Billie has recently sat down with a host of British shows to help spread the word about her new album far and wide.

This is what brought her to Capital’s door, where she and breakfast show host Jordan North wasted no time in getting into their favourite British slang and customs.

Jordan began by teaching the Bad Guy singer the joys of the term “gobshite”, before moving on to the majesty that is a chip butty.

Unfortunately for him, his Northern tones left Billie struggling to get to grips with exactly what he was talking about, as you can see for yourself in the clip below:

Since it was uploaded yesterday, we’ve replayed the video of Billie trying to wrap her head around the idea (and pronunciation) of a chip butty at least a dozen times – and clearly we’re not the only ones, as it’s already racked up 1.3 million views on X.

It’s also sparked a wide range of reactions, from the delighted to the truly baffled:

Billie took an unusual approach with Hit Me Hard And Soft, by choosing not to release any singles or music videos in the lead-up to the album.

It’s a risk that has certainly paid off, with much-discussed album cut Lunch peaking at number two in the UK, while another track, Birds Of A Feather, is currently at five.