‘I can't breathe’: Syrian artists paint George Floyd mural in destroyed village to support #BlackLivesMatter

Anne Grace Savitha
Mural of George Floyd by Aziz Asmar and Anis Hamdoun to protest against racism. — Picture from Facebook/AmenahMasri

PETALING JAYA, June 2 — Syrian artists Aziz Asmar and Anis Hamdoun have joined the global cry against racism because of the death of African-American citizen George Floyd in the United States.

They have painted a mural of him on one of the remaining walls in Syria’s north-western Idlib province.

The painting of Floyd was accompanied by words “Say no to racism” and “I can’t breathe”.

Journalist Muhammad Lila shared the pictures on Twitter captioned: “This town in Syria was destroyed, as there were hardly any walls left.

“Aziz Asmar and Anis Hamdoun could have painted anything they wanted on the remaining walls, but chose to paint a mural of George Floyd instead.”


Another social media user, @MariamKirollos said that the painting brought her to tears while others were proud that the duo brought the severity of the issue to light by the powerful piece of painting.

Her Twitter post has already been liked by over 1,500 people at the time of writing.


Elsewhere across the world, paintings of Floyd have also emerged as a result of the protest against racial discrimination such as the iconic painting of Floyd in Minneapolis itself where he was killed by a white policeman.

Other street paintings that have caught the attention of many include a painting of Floyd in downtown Los Angeles by artist Celos which depicts him tearing and having a red cloth tied around his mouth with words, “I can’t breathe.”

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