Canoe launch into lake doesn't go as planned

Video was taken in Northern MI (lower peninsula) bout 30 min from the mackinaw bridge on Lake Huron. My mom and I build the boat launch for my dad's sunfish sail boat. Once we finished building it, all I could think about was trying to send the kayak down it. Definitely not it's intended design. When I first asked my parents to film it (bc I knew it probably wasn't going to end well) my dad said I was absolutely not allowed to. But my mom, knowing me all too well, pressured him into filming because, as she said, "you know damn well she's going to do it anyways. We might as well film it and capture her failing." I made them both film bc I assumed one of them would mess it up. All of us thought my dad was going to be the one to mess up since my mom's much better with using phones than my dad is (my dad didn't even know how to open the camera app or start recording, so before I got in the boat I actually had to start the camera recording on his phone for him and then had to hand him the phone and tell him not to touch anything). That added an extra layer of comedy for us as my mom ended up completely missing the "shot" and my dad hasn't let her live it down since.

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