Candy lovers mourn end of beloved Japanese sweets

STORY: This beloved Japanese candy is the

latest victim of surging inflation

The hard fruit drops are so iconic

they once appeared in a Studio Ghibli film

But hit by rising costs and a drop in sales

Sakumaseika Co has announced it's closing

The news threw many in Japan into mourning

[Honoka Kawasaki, 23-year-old student]

"I think that Sakuma's Drops going out of business is sad news for young people, and the children in Japan. When I was a child, I used to eat them too. I used to eat them with my family. Thinking that those memories will no longer exist from now on makes me feel sad."

Sakumaseika was established in 1908

by confectioner Sojiro Sakuma

It made candy through World War Two

And the drops were immortalized in

the 1988 film 'Grave of the Fireflies'

[Takeshi Nemoto, Stock clerk, Kawahara Shoten Sweet Shop]

"This is the main product of that candy maker. They have other candies too, but since the drops became famous, it became their main product. When it does not sell well, the company is bound to disappear."