Canadian TV host Tanya Kim shares her Botox 'tune-up' on Instagram: 'Keep doing you'

Canadian TV host Tanya Kim opened up about her Botox routine on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram/tanyakim)
Canadian TV host Tanya Kim opened up about her Botox routine on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram/tanyakim)

Tanya Kim is encouraging fans to "keep doing you."

On Sunday, the Canadian TV personality took to Instagram to share her "tune-up" Botox routine with her almost 29,000 followers.

In the video, the Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.-native filmed herself at Beauty Bar Medical Clinic in Toronto. Kim went makeup free as a specialist injected Botox around her eyes, on her forehead and in her nose. At the end of the clip, the presenter smiled and winked at the camera "a few days after treatment" to show fans the final result.

On the screen, Kim typed a paragraph to explain which areas of her face she wanted to target.

"Content warning: tune-up time at Beauty Bar Medical Clinic! Targeting the ‘smile lines’ around my eyes, fine lines on my forehead, and my ‘bunny lines’ on my nose with a little Botox," the TV host revealed. "As a presenter/host, it’s important to me that my face remains somewhat expressive. Thanks to injectables nurse Jess, my face gets just the right amount. A few days after treatment, et voilà! Movement, expression, rejuvenation."

In the caption, Kim opened up about the aging process and someone's personal choice surrounding beauty.

"CW: Needles/injections. Yes. I am in full support of people aging gracefully. I am also in favour of people doing whatever they feel they need to, beauty treatments included, if it helps them feel rejuvenated and youthful. Keep doing you, boo…And only for you!" she wrote.

In the comments, fans praised the star for her honesty about aging.

"You look great! Also, thanks for being open about your journey! So important!" commented a follower.

"Stunning before and after," wrote a fan alongside a series of fire and heart emojis.

"Yes! I love that you are honest and just rock it! You are gorgeous!" shared someone else.

"Thank you for sharing this and being open about this!" added another.

Kim is known for her self-love and empowering content that encourages fans to live their lives authentically. Earlier this month, she told fans that they won't please everyone, so it's important to do what makes you happy.

The TV host posted an Instagram reel of herself lip syncing the words to a voice-over which said: "You're going to inspire some people, and you're going to piss off the rest. Do it anyway!"

"This is the energy. You are not for everyone, and that is more than OK. Just think about how boring and dull this world would be if we were simply cookie cut-outs of one another. So just... be you, do you, for you. And always choose kindness and compassion over meanness and inhumanity," she wrote in the caption.

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