Canadian NHLer's widow Emily Cave Boit opens up about grief and cruel comments after re-marrying: 'I'm still hurt'

"You will forever grieve the person you love. It is the price for loving," she wrote.

Emily Cave addresses
Emily Cave Boit opened up about grief in an honest Instagram post. (Photo via Instagram/ @em.cave)

Emily Cave Boit, the widow of former Edmonton Oilers player Colby Cave, took to Instagram on Monday to share a heartfelt post about her ongoing journey with grief and the comments she's received after tying the knot earlier this month.

"I had this big caption I wanted to post yesterday about widowhood, grief, hope, joy, the future," she said. "But to be completely honest, I just can’t do it right now. I’m still decompressing. I’m still processing."

"I thought my emotions would cool down a bit after a few weeks, but that’s not been the case," she continued. "I’m still hurt by the actions and words of people. Yet, I’m also feeling so much joy as I start this new chapter and that is what I have been trying to focus on."

Cave Boit pointed out the stigma surrounding grief and how there's no "timeline" for mourning a loved one.

"You will forever grieve the person you love. It is the price for loving. And no one, absolutely no one should ever make you feel different," she said.

"I will always talk about Colb. Not because I want to live in constant pain, but because I’d rather live honestly and out loud, even if that makes other people feel uncomfortable," she added.

Fans quickly shared supportive messages in the comments, praising her vulnerability.

"Colb is so happy that you are happy! People like to judge and say what they think they should and really they should keep their mouth shut, especially if they have no idea about loss and grief," a fan penned.

"You’re so strong and what you’re doing is helping countless people not feel so alone," commented another.

"This is really vulnerable and I'm so proud of you for being strong! Grief is very complicated and there is no right or wrong way. No one needs to understand but you," someone else assured Emily.

Last week, Cave Boit took to her Instagram Story to address some of the cruel comments she’s been receiving amid the Stanley Cup playoffs. Cave's former team, the Edmonton Oilers, were defeated by the Florida Panthers in game 7 on Monday night.

"Many Oilers fans have messaged me asking if I have been watching the playoffs. The answer is no," she wrote. "I have seen all the tags, comments and tweets. Although some are nice to see, and it's a beautiful reminder of Colbs and my still impact in Edmonton, some have been hurtful."

Emily Cave addresses
Emily Cave addresses "hurtful" comments about late husband and former Edmonton Oilers player Colby Cave amid Stanley Cup playoffs (Photo via Instagram/ @em.cave)

"One example, blaming me for the Oilers losing after backstabbing Colby by getting remarried. Another, referring to Colby as a vegetable and that the Oilers are dead just like him. It's triggering."

"It's hard. I have a lot of emotions about our time on the Oilers watching Colb play. I also have many emotions towards the Oilers after Col passed away," she said. "I love Edmonton. I miss it dearly, which doesn't help my current homesickness."

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