Canadian’s friends laugh at ironically reversed eating techniques

This Canadian man is enjoying a delicious cultural adventure as his Sri Lankan friends take Him out for lunch. He is experiencing Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine, along with instruction on traditional eating methods using your hands. The right hand is used to mix the rice with the meat and the sauces so that it can be scooped up and brought to the mouth with your fingers. this is also a lesson in the history of the cuisine and the history of the countries. Dave is very enthusiastic about taking part in the full cultural experience, so he eats the food without utensils. Aravinthe explains while Ruben also eats this delicious food. But Ruben is using his fork. in the middle of the meal, Aravinthe suddenly discovers the irony and the humour in the situation. He begins to laugh as he records the reversed cultural rules, pointing out that a Canadian man is eating with his hands while the Sri Lankan man is eating with a fork. Dave laughs along at this irony but is reluctant to stop eating such delicious cuisine. This is Dave’s first experience with the world of flavours and textures offered at Charminar Indian Cuisine. When someone is willing to embrace other cultures and experiences, the result is very rewarding. And the friendship between these two men is also a wonderful illustration of how people can enjoy each other’s company despite coming from different parts of the world.

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