Canadian Doctor Goes Viral on TikTok After Getting Married in Her Scrubs During Lunch Hour (Exclusive)

The couple plans to have a bigger ceremony — with 200 guests — in late May

<p>Courtesy of Amiirah Aujnarain</p> Dr. Amiirah Anujnarain

Courtesy of Amiirah Aujnarain

Dr. Amiirah Anujnarain

A demanding career and packed schedule couldn't stop Dr. Amiirah Aujnarain from marrying the love of her life. Well, it couldn't stop her from completing the legal ceremony portion of her nuptials to her fiancé, Dr. Milad Midabber.

Ahead of their May 24 wedding, the pair of doctors realized they needed to get their legal ceremony sorted out. The only problem was that they both had jam-packed schedules they couldn't get out of — as she is an immunologist and allergist and he is an ophthalmologist.

So, instead of stressing and trying to clear out their clinics, the lovebirds decided to pivot. Instead of planning an entire day, they simply headed to the City Hall in Toronto during their lunch hour on April 23.

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"We realized quite late that we needed to do part one of the legal documentation within weeks of our reception and we realized both of our clinics were fully booked," Dr. Aujnarain, 36, told PEOPLE exclusively.

"We found a time that worked for our busy clinical schedules: lunchtime," and the rest was history. The pair didn't even sweat the date, as they chose to tie the knot "based on the availability of city hall" which was a Monday.

In a video posted to TikTok, the immunologist chronicled how her special morning went. Though she didn't veer too far from her regular routine, she did incorporate some small touches into her attire. Instead of wearing regular-colored scrubs, she decided to lean into being a bride and wore some off-white scrubs from Figs. Dr. Midabber, 37, followed suit and opted for a darker pair of the "work costume."

But the choice of clothing wasn't a coincidence. The scrubs served as a reminder of the things that brought them together in the first place.

"We both have worn Figs scrubs for the last two years — which is why we wore them for our wedding," she says. "We enjoy that part of our lives, just as much as we love to travel, go on global health missions and try out cuisines from all over the world."

When it came to her makeup, she couldn't deck out her face as she was headed to work. However, she did opt for some pink blush because, "I am a blushing bride."

<p>Courtesy of Amiirah Aujnarain</p> Drs. Aujnarain and Mobadder

Courtesy of Amiirah Aujnarain

Drs. Aujnarain and Mobadder

"Milad (being a romantic) surprised me with a bouquet of my favorite flowers and I wanted to have fun with it, so I brought a white veil," she says of the ceremony. "It was the epitome of our relationship: juggling so much at the same time but still trying to enjoy every little special moment together."

The ceremony was quick and practical, "mostly signing papers." They were in and out within the hour and headed back to their respective jobs. "We had a cute Korean BBQ lunch together and toasted just the two of us looking towards our bright shared future," she says.

The understated legal ceremony is not the last of their wedding celebrations. The two are also planning their bigger ceremony, which will take place later this month in front of 200 loved ones on May 24.

<p>Courtesy of Amiirah Aujnarain</p> Drs. Aujnarain and Modabber

Courtesy of Amiirah Aujnarain

Drs. Aujnarain and Modabber

In fact, the shotgun legal ceremony served as an appetizer to their upcoming big day.

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"Planning our reception has been a one-year process and this felt like the first step towards completing our plans to celebrate the rest of our lives together," she tells PEOPLE.

"We are getting married at Arlington Estates in Vaughn. Gorgeous venue. Given that I am Indian and he is Persian, we have many upcoming events, so the planning never ends but we are excited to merge our beautiful cultures and celebrate all that they have to offer."

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The upcoming reception will follow up with a honeymoon trip to a safari in Africa in October.

<p>Courtesy of Amiirah Aujnarain</p> Drs. Aunjnarain and Modabber

Courtesy of Amiirah Aujnarain

Drs. Aunjnarain and Modabber

Though Dr. Aujnarain has received some negative comments — she even posted a follow-up video clarifying that her wedding video wasn't a sponsored post — she stands by her decision to have a lunch hour legal ceremony.

"Milad and I bonded over our love of medicine, and a mutual understanding and appreciation of how much we value a career dedicated to service to others. We also enjoy being unique and quirky and thinking outside the box," she tells PEOPLE.

"For us, we love our careers in medicine, and when you love what you do this much, it does not feel like work. We felt amazing being able to wear our 'work costume' as we are proud of what we do and celebrate that in each other and the medical community at large."

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