Canadian actress goes into labour at Beyoncé concert: 'Beyoncé induced my baby'

The actress, known for her role in "Hairspray," recapped the memorable birth story.

Canadian actress Sarah Francis Jones went into labour while at a Beyoncé concert in Inglewood.  LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 14: Sarah Francis Jones attends
Canadian actress Sarah Francis Jones went into labour while at a Beyoncé concert in Inglewood. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images for Black Experience on Xfinity)

A Canadian actress just went viral for her hilarious labour story.

Sarah Francis Jones went into labour while having a blast at Beyoncé’s birthday concert on Sept. 4 in Los Angeles.

Francis Jones, known best for her role in "Hairspray," shared several Instagram reels recapping the experience.

The first reel showed Francis Jones jumping, dancing and singing along to Beyoncé, before cutting to a clip of herself in labour at the hospital.

"We thought it was just Braxton hicks or gas," the Toronto-native captioned the post. "Turns out we were having a whole baby at [Beyoncé's birthday] show."

The video received more than 30,000 likes and saw hundreds of comments from fans and fellow celebs.

Pop star Demi Lovato wrote: "Congrats, Sarah! I love you so much!"

"Your baby wanted to watch the show. Congrats, bro," added comedian Malik S.

"Not your newborn going viral! She SAG/AFTRA eligible at one day old!" one person quipped in the comments.

"Labouring on Labour Day and celebrating on Bey-Weekend. Wow, what a memorable birth story! Congrats," another wrote.

"Congratulations! Please tell me you named her Beyoncé!" one person said, though Francis Jones later revealed the name — and avoided the obvious choice.

A second reel she shared was captioned "Beyoncé induced my baby" in on-screen text, accompanied by the post's caption, "stranger than fiction. God is good."

This video also included a clip of her partner, "The Neighborhood" star Marcel Spears, with the baby shortly after labour, and another of herself breastfeeding the baby.

Francis Jones and Spears named their daughter Nola, after Spears' hometown of New Orleans, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The couple hadn't decided on a middle name yet, but many of Francis Jones' followers had some suggestions.

"Is her middle name Giselle after Beyoncé? I mean, it's only right," one person commented.

"Please tell me you named that baby Renaissance Giselle Mute Spears!" another quipped.

Many pointed out what a special story this will be for their daughter.

"What a story you'll tell your child one day when they ask about the day they were born. Congratulations!" a follower wrote.

"What a way to bring a baby into the world! Already legendary," another added.

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