Canada introduces new laws to combat gun violence

STORY: Canada has introduced a law that would freeze the sale of handguns, one of several gun control measures announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday.

The move comes just a week after the mass school shooting in Uvalde, Texas which took the lives of nearly two dozen children.

Trudeau cited the events "south of the border" as evidence of the need to act on gun violence as soon as possible.

"We're also fighting gun smuggling and trafficking by increasing maximum criminal penalties and providing more tools for law enforcement to investigate firearm crimes and will require the permanent alteration of long gun magazines so they can never hold more than five rounds."

Elite sport shooters, Olympic athletes and security guards would be exempted from the handgun freeze, which won't affect current handgun owners, either.

The new legislation resurrects some measures that were shelved during Canada's federal election last year.

Under the proposed laws, lookalike toy guns would also be banned, and those with a record of domestic violence or stalking would be prevented from getting a firearms license.

Canadian authorities say they don't expect a major run for handguns in advance of the freeze largely because they are already heavily regulated.

Canada banned the sale and use of over a thousand assault weapon models two years ago in the wake of a mass shooting in Nova Scotia... a move some gun owners say they are contesting in court.

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