Canada declares Iran's Revolutionary Guards a terrorist group

Ottawa on Wednesday listed Iran's Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist entity while calling on Canadians in the Islamic country to leave.

"Our government has made the decision to list the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps as a terrorist entity under the Criminal Code," Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc told a news conference.

Flanked by Canada's foreign and justice ministers, he accused the Iranian regime of "support for terrorism" and "having consistently displayed disregard for human rights both inside and outside of Iran, as well as a willingness to destabilize the international rules-based order."

Foreign Minister Melanie Joly, noting that Ottawa broke off diplomatic ties with Tehran several years ago, urged Canadians against travel to Iran.

"For those who are in Iran right now. It's time to come back home," she added.

The terrorism listing bars members of the Guards from entering Canada and Canadians from having any dealings with individual members or the group. Any assets the Guards or its members hold in Canada may also be seized.

Iranian expats and families of the victims of Flight PS752, which was downed by Iran shortly after takeoff from Tehran in January 2020, killing all 176 passengers and crew, including 85 Canadian citizens and permanent residents, have long pressed Ottawa to designate the militia as a terrorist entity.

MPs last month unanimously voted to do so.

Tehran has claimed a missile strike on the aircraft was carried out by mistake.

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