Cam'ron explains his CNN interview about Diddy that went off the rails: 'We got some free promo'

"You call me on CNN for the bulls---, I’mma give you the bulls---, that’s just what’s gonna happen."

Cam’ron has slammed CNN for trying to “use me” in a viral NewsNight segment about Sean “Diddy” Combs that quickly spiraled out of control live on air. 

The “Oh Boy” rapper, whose real name is Cameron Giles, addressed his appearance on the program last night — which, at one point, saw him pointedly ask host Abby Phillip who the show’s talent agent was — during Tuesday’s episode of his It Is What It Is podcast.

“[CNN] invited me onto the show to talk about what’s going on with Diddy and all that,” Cam’ron began. “My thing about it was: they didn’t invite me on to say about how successful our show is, or the positive stuff we do in the community.”

Diddy — who is currently facing multiple sexual assault lawsuits — made headlines last week when CNN obtained footage of him assaulting his then-girlfriend Cassie Ventura in a Los Angeles hotel in 2016. The rap mogul, whose homes were raided by federal agents in March amid an ongoing sexual trafficking investigation, later apologized and took “full responsibility” for his behavior in the video in a subsequent Instagram post.

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<p>Shareif Ziyadat/Getty; John Shearer/Getty</p> Cam'ron and Sean Combs

Shareif Ziyadat/Getty; John Shearer/Getty

Cam'ron and Sean Combs

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Cam'ron, however, wasn't exactly thrilled to be invited onto the network to discuss Diddy's past.

“You call me on CNN for the bulls---, I’mma give you the bulls---, that’s just what’s gonna happen. So we got some free promo. I teased the pink Horse Power,” he said, referring to the sexual supplement that he chugged in the middle of the interview. “They tried to bring up when Ma$e brought me to Biggie [Smalls] instead of Puff [a.k.a. Diddy] and I said, ‘Yeah, if you’ve seen it, what are you asking me about it for?’”

He then expressed his frustrations about being asked to be on the show. “I just felt that you tried to use me,” Cam’ron said. “Whatever Diddy going through… the video, I don’t support it. I don’t believe in domestic violence. I don’t believe in anything that has to do with being a pedophile. I don’t believe in sex trafficking. I think what I saw in the video was egregious and the charges [are] f---ed up. They’re really f---ed up.” The DA’s office has said they will not file charges due to the statute of limitations.

He added that he "gave a disclaimer" to CNN at the beginning of the interview, too. "I don’t know why they didn’t watch 60 Minutes, they didn’t watch Bill O’Reilly, this is what I do on them joints," he said. "Y’all keep inviting me up to Fox, CNN, 60 Minutes, you already know what the resume is with them shows with me. But yeah, that’s what happened.”

He chastised the network one last time before changing topics. "I know we play and joke a lot, but y’all call us up there for that and don’t invite us to talk about s--- that’s positive,” he stressed. “Y’all called me like this. We did this in less than 24 hours. You could’ve pulled us up for a bunch of positive different things that we do, but you’re gonna play games. That’s what you got.”

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During his NewsNight interview, Cam’ron called the Diddy video “egregious” and maintained that he did not support “trafficking minors” or “domestic violence.” He continued, “I’m totally against it so, when I saw the video, I was kinda upset with it being that I know him. He’s not necessarily a friend, but, yeah, I was upset when I saw it. ”

When asked by Phillip if he could “recognize that kind of anger” within Diddy, Cam’ron wasn't so sure. “I don’t know him like that. What do you mean did I recognize him? I seen him,” he replied. “What do you mean my experiences? I seen him and I thought it was disgusting. I didn’t do a zoom in to see if it was really him or nothing, but he admitted it was him so, yeah, it was him.”

He added that it was up to Cassie to decide whether or not Diddy’s apology was enough, noting, “What I think about it don’t matter.” The singer, who previously accused Diddy of rape and physical abuse in a lawsuit last November, ultimately settled her case against him that same month.

His final straw, however, appeared to be when asked if he thought there were people within the industry that were protecting Diddy all this time. “Who the talent agent for this joint?” He asked. “Like, you think I be sitting around watching what Diddy doing? I didn’t know this was a Diddy joint that y’all invited me to. Yo, who booked me for this joint?”

Watch Cam’ron react to appearing on NewsNight in the clip above.

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