Campers Awoken by Kangaroo Enjoying Banana in Their Tent

Campers in News South Wales’ Arrawarra Headland were awoken in the early hours of Friday, 18 December, by a kangaroo that had found its way into their tent and begun snacking on their supplies.

Stephanie Jones, who shot this footage, told Storyful she and her husband were “woken at 3.30am by items being knocked over in our camper trailer kitchen” and initially thought it was their teenage son. However, upon investigation the pair “found this giant and very strong male kangaroo.”

In the video, the kangaroo munches loudly on a banana and appears nonchalant despite the Jones’ efforts to evict him. After unzipping the entrance to the camping kitchen, Jones’ husband pushes the muscular marsupial out with a broom as she removes avocados and a bottle of gin from its reach.

“We have no idea how he managed to unzip the camper trailer door only about a foot to get in,” Jones said.

She added that the kangaroo “had been hanging around nearby campsites scavenging for food earlier that night and when approached had lifted onto his tale as though to kick.” Credit: Stephanie Jones via Storyful