Campaigners take on Bristol airport expansion appeal at Weston-super-Mare Town Hall UK

Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, UK. 20th July 2021. Regarded by some environmentalists as the most important climate decision facing the south west region, the public inquiry to determine the fate of the Bristol Airport expansion begins today and activist groups are ready to make their voices heard. The inquiry is the result of the airport’s appeal against North Somerset Council’s decision, in February 2020, to refuse permission for the original planning application, a decision made largely on climate grounds, and in response to a sizeable public opposition to the airport. Running for 10 weeks, the inquiry will hear from Bristol Airport and North Somerset Council, as well as other interested parties on issues including the climate crisis, greenbelt land, road congestion, and air and noise pollution. Represented at the inquiry is Extinction Rebellion offshoot Bristol Airport Action Network (BAAN), who will present evidence on the climate impacts of the expansion, as well as arguing against many of the claims the airport has made regarding the sustainability of its operations. BAAN were instrumental in the campaign to defeat the airport’s plans last year. That campaign also included joint actions with XR Bristol in Weston-Super-Mare.

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