'Our campaign is the campaign' to beat Trump: Sanders

Bernie Sanders looked to take command of the Democratic presidential race as voting on the nominating campaign’s biggest day got underway on Tuesday, while top rival Joe Biden aimed to gain ground by muscling aside upstart Michael Bloomberg and consolidating moderate support.

In Super Tuesday contests across 14 states, from tiny Maine in the East to the delegate-rich prize of California in the West, the Democratic battle to find a challenger to Republican President Donald Trump in the Nov. 3 election becomes a national competition for the first time.

Sanders told reporters Tuesday he believes his campaign is the best to take on Trump.

The rush of primary elections could provide some clarity at last in a muddled White House race that has seen several candidates rise and fall, leaving many Democratic voters torn and uncertain.

Sanders, the front-runner and a progressive senator from Vermont, hopes to take a huge step toward the nomination on Super Tuesday, when more than one-third of the delegates who will pick the eventual nominee in July will be up for grabs.