Camilla appears to criticise Roald Dahl book edits: ‘Enough said’

The Queen Consort has urged authors to protect “the freedom of your expression” in an apparent reference to Roald Dahl’s books being rewritten to remove controversial language.

Camilla was speaking at a reception on Thursday (23 February) to mark the second anniversary of her online book club.

According to a report by The Telegraph, she appeared to criticise the decision to remove “fat”, “flabby”, “ugly”, and hundreds of other words from Dahl’s children’s stories. Publisher Puffin has also introduced new statements in the books.

Addressing a group of authors assembled at Clarence House, the Queen Consort reportedly said: “Please remain true to your calling, unimpeded by those who may wish to curb the freedom of your expression or impose limits on your imagination.

“Enough said.”

Camilla’s comments were reportedly met with approval from the audience, who responded with cheers of: “Hear, hear”.

The Independent has reached out to Kensington Palace for comment.

The decision to rewrite beloved Dahl titles such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Twits, and The Witches has been criticised by several notable figures, including Philip Pullman, Salman Rushdie, UK prime minister Rishi Sunak, and comedian David Baddiel.

The Satanic Verses author Rushdie wrote: “Roald Dahl was no angel but this is absurd censorship. Puffin Books and the Dahl estate should be ashamed.”

In a statement to The Independent, the Roald Dahl Story Company said: “We want to ensure that Roald Dahl’s wonderful stories and characters continue to be enjoyed by all children today,” the statement reads. “When publishing new print runs of books written years ago, it’s not unusual to review the language used, alongside updating other details including a book’s cover and page layout.