Cameraman gets rare opportunity to film African fish eagle performing iconic bird call

A cameraman got the rare opportunity to film an African fish eagle performing an iconic bird call on August 2. The filmer said: "I recently visited the Kruger National Park on a self-drive safari by myself and stopped on the banks of one of the large rivers running through the park. I was scanning the area and while sitting there quietly in my vehicle, an African fish eagle came flying in and landed on a tree branch literally meters away from me. I was amazed by how close the bird was from me and I slowly got my camera and started filming the bird. Just being able to film the bird from so close was amazing but when it suddenly performed its call, throwing its head backwards, was absolutely priceless. The call of the African fish eagle resonates across Africa and is known by safari goers as the sound of Africa. It is one of the most iconic animal sounds in Africa and mostly only heard and birds mostly seen from a distance. To have such an iconic bird landing next to me out of nowhere and perform its famous call right in front of me is a memory for life."

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