'When Calls the Heart' Fans Think Last Night's Finale Confirms That Elizabeth's Love Triangle Is Over

Amanda Garrity

From Good Housekeeping

  • The season finale of When Calls the Heart, "Don't Go," aired Sunday, April 26 at 8 p.m. on Hallmark Channel.
  • Elizabeth Thornton's love triangle with Nathan and Lucas has been at the heart of the season.
  • Many Hearties think Elizabeth finally made a decision, but some say otherwise.

You never know what you're going to get during an episode of When Calls the Heart, especially when it comes to Elizabeth's on-again, off-again relationships with Nathan and Lucas.

At the start of the finale episode, Elizabeth thanks Lucas for helping her secure a book deal, and believing in her writing from the start. Not too long after though, Nathan attempts to ask Elizabeth on a date, but gets interrupted. Then, as only Hearties can expect, Lucas swoops in and plans a special night — not a date, according to Lucas — with Elizabeth to celebrate her book deal.

At first, fans were impressed with the non-date that Lucas put together:

Within minutes, however, Elizabeth had already moved on with — you guessed it — Nathan. He finally asks Elizabeth to go to dinner, but before she can even answer, Nathan is called to work, giving her more time to think about a decision.

This is when things take a turn: While transferring a prisoner, Nathan and Bill are stopped by the prisoner's sister. She threatens them to let her brother go, or she'll shoot them with her rifle. Nathan attempts to talk her down, but then another Mountie reaches for his gun, causing the prisoner's sister to fire. News travels to Hope Valley, and everyone suspects that Nathan was shot and killed. The look on Elizabeth's face says it all:

Photo credit: David Dolsen

To everyone's surprise — Elizabeth's, especially — Nathan pulls up behind her, seemingly unharmed. She runs over to him and gives "a hug heard around the world." For many Hearties, this moment confirmed that Elizabeth wants Nathan.

Some say the writing's been on the wall all along: Elizabeth constantly seeks out Nathan, but simply relies on Lucas because she knows he'll always be there.

Others aren't convinced that this heartfelt moment confirms anything at all. Remember when Elizabeth chose to dance with Lucas during the season 6 finale? Exactly.

Erin Krakow, the actress who plays Elizabeth, told Entertainment Tonight that fans shouldn't rush to any conclusions just yet. "She's wanting to encourage Nathan, but when he does ask her out, she can't even say 'yes'. With both of these guys, there's this sense of excitement but trepidation," she says. "Everything is moving very slowly."

Brian Bird, the show's creator, urges Hearties to tune into season 8, which is set to air in 2021, to get all the answers about the love triangle. So, we hate to break it to you, but it looks like it's time for you to practice your patience.

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