Call of Duty's Crossover With Fallout Leaks Early

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The latest season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Warzone is now live. Unsurprisingly, some players have already started datamining it, and in so doing, have found what appears to be the first in-game look at an upcoming, still-unannounced Fallout crossover.

As spotted by popular Call of Duty news site CharlieIntel, on May 29 a promo image for Fallout-themed skins was found inside Warzone and Modern Warfare III following the launch of Season 4 on Wednesday. The image shows four Call of Duty characters, including Ghost and Price, wearing Fallout 4-style blue and gold Vault outfits. The characters in the promo image are also sporting PipBoy computers on their wrists, and one soldier has a Vault-Tec assault rifle skin, too. The promo image lists the outfits and cosmetic items as being part of a “Fallout: Vault Dweller” pack.

Previously, on May 2, dataminers found snippets of code inside Call of Duty that seemingly referenced an upcoming Fallout crossover event of some kind. This appears to be at least part of that leaked event.

The timing is interesting, as last week Fortnite launched a new season that features Fallout content too, including Power Armor and Nuka Cola. That crossover was officially teased on May 17, about two weeks or so after the dataminers first spotted the Fallout code in Call of Duty.

Of course, until Activision or Bethesda officially announces a Fallout X Call of Duty crossover, this isn’t confirmed. However, between the success of the recent Amazon show, the leaked code, and now the datamined in-game render of Vault-Tec outfits, it seems pretty dang likely that in the not-so-distant future, you’ll be able to buy some Fallout-themed content in Call of Duty Modern Warfare III or Warzone.

Meanwhile, in other Call of Duty leaked content news, the pre-order cosmetics for Black Ops 6 have seemingly leaked online and revealed that players will be able to play as a zombified Frank Woods, a major character seen in previous Black Ops entries. In response, Call of Duty on Twitter posted a gif referencing leaks and lies. We expect to see a lot more of Black Ops 6 during the upcoming Xbox event on June 9.


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