Californians enjoy annual wildflower bloom

Californians are enjoying the annual wildflower bloom

Location: Chino Hills, California

About 60% of the Chino Hills State Park's 14,000 acres

is covered in exotic flowers which can grow up to 10 feet tall

(SOUNDBITE) (English) CHINO HILLS STATE PARK MANAGER ENRIQUE ARROYO SAYING: "The brilliant yellow flower that we're standing in the midst right now is an exotic plant, but it's still, the color brings out some of the beauty of nature. And what we can experience is we come out here, once you're inside Chino Hills State Park, you're away from urbanization, even though it's right outside the park. So there's plenty of opportunity for quiet, plenty of opportunity for solitude, maybe not on the weekends when we have a lot of visitors right now. But there's still a lot of opportunities to to find that key spot to get away from urbanization and the urban development."

(SOUNDBITE) (English) AZLYNN BERRY, LIVES IN LOS ANGELES, SAYING:"As you can see, it's well above my height and I'm five nine, so it's just nice to be just completely surrounded, completely different world outside of my house.

(SOUNDBITE) (English) ANN SAHYOUN, LIVES IN MISSION VIEJO, CALIFORNIA, SAYING: "I'm so glad we came here because it's just it's like a fantasy land, it's beautiful, the different shades of green. It's lovely with the overcast also."