California Oak Fire Burns More Than 19,000 Acres

More than 100 residential, commercial, and other structures in Mariposa County, California, have been damaged by the Oak fire, which burned more than 19,000 acres by Thursday, July 28, Cal Fire said.

Aerial footage recorded by FIRIS shows the perimeter of the fire near Jerseydale, California, on Wednesday evening.

Cal Fire said that 116 structures, classed as “Residential, Commercial and Other,” were destroyed in the fire. A further 10 had been damaged, officials said. Credit: FIRIS via Storyful

Video transcript

- Intel [? 1-2, ?] July 27, 2022, 2121 hours, Oak incident. This will be video number one. 19,169 acres, looking down on Scott Road at the break between hotel and division Juliet. Hottest area right here. Looks to be still in the control lines, the dozer lines.

Moving further down and moving east, you can see it's on the ridge and over to the Juliet kilo break. End video number one.

Intel [? 1-2, ?] July 27, 2022, 2123 hours, Oak incident. Video number two, looking at the Juliet kilo break. See active burning. It's burning down into the drainage of Scouten Creek. Coming along, still not quite yet to the drainage.

And then moving over to the Lima kilo break, still in the drainage, and back, tying into the rest of the fire. The rest of the fire is within control lines. End video two of two.