California library collects forgotten items left in books

STORY: Have you ever used a receipt, concert ticket

or photograph as a bookmark?

Location: Oakland, California

This librarian began collecting the forgotten

items ten years ago for a blog

(Sharon McKellar, Librarian at Oakland Public Library)

“I collected a lot of different things, a lot of photographs, a lot of things written or drawn on post-it notes, to-do lists, little notes and drawings, airplane tickets, a lot of bookmarks and a lot of things used as bookmarks that aren't actually bookmarks, almost anything you can think of, cards, postcards, drawings, letters."

She’s turned her curiosity into a

passion project called “Found in a Library Book”

Everything found in a returned

book gets sent to McKellar’s office

(Sharon McKellar, Librarian at Oakland Public Library)

"I like imagining where these came from. I kind of think of each thing as obviously being touched by a person and a person who was at some point was in Oakland or at least in contact with an Oakland Library book, so it just feels like a really interesting archive of our community, of the city and the people who uses our libraries and the diversity within those, and just kind of a glimpse at humanity and who we all are and how we're all connected."

She’s amassed thousands of items

Now, the goods are categorized and

on display at the main branch

(Sharon McKellar, Librarian at Oakland Public Library)

"This display cases is all of the 'Eat, Drink, and Be Merry' stuff, so a lot of concert tickets, plane tickets, receipts to different things. Kind of anything that has anything to do with food and drink."