California Interstate Remains Closed Following Powerful Winter Storm

The California Highway Patrol said a section of Interstate 80 remained closed on March 1 after a powerful winter storm dumped snow on the region.

Footage captured by Geoff Millikan shows piles of snow around Truckee, California.

The National Weather Service said a storm system would continue to bring up to three inches of snow to the area through March 2. Credit: Geoff Millikan via Storyful

Video transcript

- Look at that. That's the climbing gym. It's like three feet of snow. There's Front Street Pizza buried. The high school. Woo hoo. Yeah, don't-- don't do this at home. This is not recommended. There's the high school. It's looking pretty good, actually.

That's the Truckee Utility District building. And-- wow. Here's our station. Fire station is looking-- I think it's good two feet it in front of the doors. They could get out though. They're doing good.

[INAUDIBLE]. That's Wild Cherries in there. There's 7/11. 7/11 is passable. Good job. Here's that Natural Foods and the DMV over there.

Ace hardware. Oh, boy, OK, we got someone stuck here-- or something. I don't know quite what's going on there. So they got the other truck was stuck out here. This is Ace Hardware, and the 58. OK, this is Highway 89 North where it hits the 80, which is closed.

There's the gas station. I can't even see. So this is what the South side of the roundabout looks like. It's the southbound roundabout, so that's the on ramp onto the 80 east bound. Now you know.

And here is the 80. Going under the 80, which is closed both directions. And it is just nuking snow. It's just been blasting snow. I don't even know how anybody's out here. It's just amazing the plows have been able to keep up.

See what the off ramp looks like. Man, it is just-- just cranking. It's just cranking. It's just amazing how the plows have been able to keep up at all, this is even passable.

So-- oh, my gosh, this is the Save Mart parking lot. There's a big rig just parked in the Save Mart parking lot. There's the charging stands, CVS. It's the Save Mart trucky. Oh, my goodness.

I think there's still little open. Wow, good for them. Way to go, Save Mart. I think they're open. I don't know, impressive. And here's the ride down to Starbucks down here. Yeah, it's just nuking. It's just been nuking snow for like 36 hours.

Everything's-- I don't know how anybody's open. It's-- the plows can't keep up. There's just no way. This is Frozen Yogurt. Woo. You got to know where the road is because it is-- it's deep. I don't know, 12-- 18 inches? 12, 18 inches.

We'll head back out here. Yeah, it's Something else, man. Woo. No way. The Mehfil Bistro, the Indian food is open. The food's really good right there. If you're watching this, get some food there. It tastes really good. Not super cheap, but it's really good.

This is a McDonald's across the street. These are what the roundabouts look like. This is the one to the North. This is 89 and 80, and 80 is closed.

That's the eastbound off ramp. That's the West on ramp. I'll just come down here and flip a uey down here.

Just pull into Safeway and see what she looks like in here. Not too bad. Some people still cranking through here.

Safeway is still open. 7:30. Everybody's videoing. Woo. Looks like people are just kind of parking here. Yeah, Safeway is still open. Good job, Safeway. Cranking. Way to go.