California Emergency Services Rescue Man From Burning Building

Emergency personnel from the LA County Fire Department rescued a man from a single-story house fire on Wednesday, November 9.

Dramatic rescue footage shows firefighters and deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department pulling the man out of the burning building.

The emergency services did not give further information regarding the man.

The reason for the fire was not confirmed. Credit: L.A. County Fire Department via Storyful

Video transcript

- Hey, he's right here. I'm going to get him out right now.

- (ON RADIO) Check, 19, just render assistance.

- This all goes into the same room from right there.


- (ON RADIO) We got over here with you.

- Oh, no. Watch.

- (ON RADIO) That's right, checking.

- That's the guy.

- (ON RADIO) Terminal 57.

- Say.

- Look, padale, we were breaking it earlier.

- Just this guy. That's it. Yeah.

- Hey, brother, you want me to get in?

- I'm here in this.

- Just this guy. That's it.

- (ON RADIO) Point from 176 Lincoln.

- I think? I think.

- OK. Now hang back.

- Catch his head out. Catch his head out.

- Hey, watch out.

- (ON RADIO) 170 break scene, like LA.

- All right, so bend the seven down. One.


- (ON RADIO) Now hear me, there's 135 en route.

- Here, I'll get it right here.

- You got all that gear. I'll go with you.

- Yeah.

- Yeah, let's go.

- (ON RADIO) We're checking out for it here.

- There you go. Right here.

- Pull, pull.

- I got you, bro. We got to get you out, man.


- Right here.

- Three firemen on attack.

- Ready?

- Ready. Ready.

- Here we go.

- Get him that way.

- Watch your step. Watch your step.