California Deputy Spreads Mariachi Happiness for Cinco de Mayo

A mariachi-playing sheriff’s deputy showed off his skills in a video released by the San Diego Sheriff’s office in celebration of Cinco de Mayo.

The video shows San Diego Sheriff’s Department Deputy Carlos Mutti performing and speaking about his love for mariachi music.

Mutti, who said he immigrated with his family to the US from Mexico in 1996, said: “I feel that through music, and through mariachi music, that I would be able to give back to people and to the Hispanic heritage in my community.” Credit: San Diego Sheriff via Storyful

Video transcript




Hi, my name is Deputy Mutti. I am a Deputy Sheriff for the San Diego County Sheriff's Department. My family and I, we immigrated from [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] California. In 1996, I joined the Basque mariachi class at Castle Park High School. Eventually, I ended up joining mariachis in the local circuit as you want to call it and ended up making my way over to La where I took part of professional mariachi groups. And those groups were my [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH]. That was the last group that I played with.

Mariachi music is music for all occasions. If you're sad, there's a song for you. If you're happy, there's a song for you. If you're heartbroken, there's a song for you. If you encountered love, there's a song for you. Mariachi music translates into every single feeling that you have.


Music, good music always sounds the same. It sounds good. And it just feels good. Mariachi music is near and dear to me, and it's very special to me because I feel that through music and through mariachi music that I would be able to give back to people and to the Hispanic Heritage and my community.



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