California Bear Nicknamed Oreo After Sneaking into Multiple Homes to Steal the Cookies

The animal exited the home through a side window while carrying the package of cookies in its mouth

<p>ABC7/YouTube</p> Bear nicknamed Oreo stealing a package of Oreos from a Monrovia, California, home


Bear nicknamed Oreo stealing a package of Oreos from a Monrovia, California, home

This wild animal has a sweet tooth!

A bear with the well-earned nickname Oreo has been spotted around the Monrovia neighborhood in Los Angeles County ransacking homes for desserts, according to ABC 7, KTLA5, and KNBC.

On Friday, May 24, the bear broke into a home on Canyon Crest Drive and made off with a bag of Oreo cookies. Residents believe the treat is the furry animal's snack of choice, hence the bear's nickname.

In video footage obtained by ABC 7 of the May 24 bear break-in, the Oreo the bear makes its way out of a home through a side window while carrying a package of the iconic cookies in its mouth.

The animal pauses outside the house after its exit to paw at the bag of cookies.

Per KTLA5, the adult bear was seen leaving a home with another bag of Oreo cookies the next day.

"That's why we named him Oreo," resident Vina Khoury told KTLA5. "He's not just roaming around. He's actually going into the houses. So now, it's a very scary thing to leave a window open or your backyard door open or anything."

Last year, Khoury left her garage door open, and a bear entered, raided her refrigerator, and left with a chocolate cake.

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In an interview with KNBC, the longtime resident said the bear has gotten "too comfortable opening screens, getting inside the house, and pushing windows."

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"I don't want them to hurt or kill the bear," she said. "I would hate that, but at the same time, maybe relocate him."

Due to Monrovia's proximity to the San Gabriel Mountains, animals such as bears, coyotes, deer, mountain lions, and bobcats are often spotted in the area, according to the city's website.

The website further explains that the primary goal of most police calls regarding wildlife sightings is to "allow the animal to leave the area and return back to the foothills."

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Earlier this month, a mama bear with two cubs broke into a backyard in the same neighborhood and swam in an in-ground pool. Monrovia residents Rick Martinez and Brian Gordon told The Guardian that they have gotten used to the bear visits. "We realized they were passing through," Martinez said. "They stay away from us."

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"I think one of the neighbors got 400,000 Likes on Instagram. She's swinging on a swing. She was at an open house in somebody's hot tub down the street. So, we see her quite a bit. She's even crashed our pool parties. If we're barbecuing, she'll show up and scare everyone," Martinez added of the mama bear.

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