Calf wags her tail with happiness as she drinks her bottle

Josie is a very happy little calf who is living the good life on this beautiful farm in Ontario, Canada. But she needs a little help, because her mother, MJ just doesn't have enough milk for her. Josie need a little more milk in the morning and the evening to thrive. Dave, a farm helper, is happy to come and visit her each day and bring her breakfast. Josie comes running when she's called or when she sees Dave. She eagerly drinks her milk and then she nurses on MJ for more. She wags her tail with delight as she does so and few things are as adorable as a happy little calf. This is an ethical beef farm where herd health is more important than profit. The animals are treated well and they are given acres of rolling meadow for grazing, ponds full of fresh water, forested areas for shade and lots of room to roam free. There is even a large bull who watches over his herd protectively and does his duty each spring. The animals are provided with veterinary care and proper nutrition. They respond well to the kindness they are shown and they trust the farmers who care for them. It's life as close as possible to what nature intended for these gentle creatures. Many people choose a vegan lifestyle, which is commendable, but for those who will always eat meat, farms like these provide an excellent alternative to factory farming where corners are cut and animal care suffers. Ethical farms can be found almost anywhere and sourcing food locally reduces transportation costs, meaning that proper care can be provided without increasing costs substantially. There are many good reasons to support the many farmers who are doing things right.

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