Caitlyn Jenner botches Biden attack with misspelled slur

Caitlyn Jenner botched an attack on President Joe Biden, misspelling a slur as she blasted the commander in chief on X.

Ms Jenner, 74, a former reality TV star, 2021 GOP California gubernatorial candidate, and 1976 Olympic gold medallist, responded to a post by Donald Trump Jr on X.

The eldest son of Mr Biden’s predecessor in turn had responded to a post by Adam Kredo, a writer at the right-wing Washington Free Beacon.

Mr Kredo wrote, “BREAKING: Biden Admin Unlocks Fresh Billions for Iran -- State Dept confirms to me greenlight on contested sanctions waiver that frees upwards of $10 billion for Tehran as its terror proxy Hamas wages war on Israel.”

“I know you’re not allowed to use the R word that was a big part of our vernacular growing up if you’re my age, but there has to be exceptions, right???” Mr Trump Jr, 45, wrote on X on Wednesday morning. “Because this is f&$king re$?&;ed! How much do the democrats hate the world? Do they ever learn?”

Ms Jenner responded to Mr Trump Jr’s tweet, writing: “I’ll say it RETARTED!”

Ms Jenner quickly faced mockery on the platform.

“How you gonna drop the r-slur with such confidence and misspell it. You f****** moron,” one X user wrote.

Responding to her own tweet, Ms Jenner wrote: “Omg I immediately respelled it properly in the comments epic ironic fail, I get it.”

“How are you 74 but can’t spell that word correctly,” Sam Collins wrote.

“Now miss grandmama you don’t wanna start the name calling do you? Bc you might hear some stuff you don’t like on your way to a golf tournament,” comic Jay Jurden wrote.

The Biden administration has extended a sanctions waiver for four months allowing Iraq to keep buying electricity from Iran and giving Iran restricted access to the profits to buy humanitarian goods.

Republicans have argued that even if unfrozen Iranian funds are only allowed to be spent on humanitarian efforts, it would allow the regime to move funds around to back proxy groups, including Hamas.

Around $10bn in payments from Iraq for Iranian electricity are being held in escrow accounts in Iraq, with the waiver allowing Baghdad to keep importing energy without having to worry about penalties for violating sanctions on Iran imposed by the US.