Cadillac Unveils The Final Teaser Of Its Latest Luxury EV CELESTIQ

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Cadillac unveils the final teaser of its latest luxury EV CELESTIQ
Cadillac unveils the final teaser of its latest luxury EV CELESTIQ

Ahead of the launch of Cadillac’s newest luxury electric vehicle (EV), the company has offered a glimpse of the model by releasing a preview of the sleek car, CELESTIQ. Claiming the title of the company’s new flagship Sedan, the EV made its debut in 2020 at Cadillac’s EV Day event.

Everything we know about CELESTIQ

Serving as the successor to Cadillac’s previous luxury EV, Lyriq, each hand assembled and 3D printed CELESTIQ will be made in Warren, Michigan by automotive manufacturing company General Motors, with an aim to electrify the brand.

With a price tag of around USD 300,000, the EV will be produced in ultra low volumes and be considerably more expensive than its predecessor Lyriq. With less than 500 models to be built each year, CELESTIQ is on its way to become one of the most expensive Cadillacs ever.

The design and make of the luxury EV


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Featuring a four-wheel drive, four-zone smart glass roof, sleek 3D-printed parts, rich, plush interiors and a driving range of approximately 483 kilometres (300 miles), the CELESTIQ is sure to impress Cadillac enthusiasts.

With the absence of rear doors, the model adopts a more polished design and features a spacious cabin with a high-tech infotainment system. Adding to the exclusivity, each passenger can enjoy unobstructed views with individual transparent glass roof panels.

While describing the concept behind the new car’s design, CELESTIQ Design Director, Erin Crossley said in a statement, “Every CELESTIQ will be instantly identifiable as one of a kind, giving each client a personal connection to Cadillac’s newest flagship.”

“With Cadillac reimagining the future of American luxury, we are entering an era of limitless possibilities and the future of design,” she added.

The grand unveiling of the Cadillac CELESTIQ will be done by General Motors via Instagram on 22 July.

(Main and featured image: Courtesy Cadillac)

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