This £12 TikTok-approved face mist is the only thing seeing my skin through summer

The skin barrier-boosting face mist is super refreshing, and comes in at under £15. (Getty Images)
The skin barrier-boosting face mist is super refreshing, and comes in at under £15. (Getty Images)

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Sun, sea and sweat: summer can really wreak havoc on your skin. But I’ve found a moisturising face mist, that is not only refreshing during this heatwave, but works on building your skin barrier and leaves you feeling hydrated, too.

The Byoma Balancing Mist has racked up nearly 150 million views on TikTok across influencers and dermatologists alike, for its refreshing formula works on the skin’s microbiome as the mist hydrates.

Byoma launched in early 2022 with a democratic ethos of bringing skin-repairing to the masses at a lower price point. It focuses on repairing and refortifying the skin barrier with fragrance-free, non-comedogenic (doesn’t block pores) and dermatologist-tested formulations.

All the products in the range boast the brand's proprietary Tri-Ceramide Complex, a formula composed of three key lipids (Ceramides, Cholesterol & Fatty Acids) that mimics those found in the skin barrier, and Byoma’s mist is no exception.

Why we rate it

The Byoma Balancing Mist firstly looks nice. A cute coral colour for summer? Count me in. Sure, it's a plastic bottle, but the affordable skincare brand, which launched earlier this year, has thought of everything.

All Byoma packaging is made from recyclable, 100% mono material plastic, making it easy and convenient to recycle at home.

The square-shaped bottle has eliminated excess packaging, too, making shipping more efficient – lowering the brand’s carbon footprint – and allows for all information to be displayed on each of the four sides instead of on additional cardboard packaging as is traditionally the case.

But really, it's what's on the inside that counts.

Face mists are ideal for locking in moisture. As you may already know, applying hyaluronic acid, another essential for skin moisture, is best done on damp skin to lock in all that hydration. So A spritz of a fragrance-free (often a rare find in this category) formula filled with a blend of allantoin and probiotic ferment is promising.

£11.99 at Boots

The combination helps replenish and fortify the skin's microbiome, shielding skin from environmental stressors, and calming any signs of redness and inflammation.

I apply the balancing face mist to clean skin, and follow with my hyaluronic acid serum, and go about my usual skincare routine. It sinks in quickly, and leaves skin feeling soft and noticeably less tight.

But it's a reapply that has me seeing the true potential of the Byoma Balancing Mist. An afternoon spritz over my moisturiser and skincare routine and I’m left feeling super refreshed.

It doesn’t run, like some sprays, but applies enough formula in a few sprays to actually keep you hydrated (just keep the bottle a couple of inches away from your face).

I then tried the mist over a face of make-up and I was surprised to note that it did feel refreshing and moisturised, with a definite subtle glow. I imagine if you’re after more of a full face of make-up, or a matte look, stick to applying before your skincare routine.

Byoma's colourful collection features its proprietary Tri-Ceramide Complex, which helps to repair the skin barrier. (Boots/Byoma)
Byoma's colourful collection features its proprietary Tri-Ceramide Complex, which helps to repair the skin barrier. (Boots/Byoma)

What the reviews say

In addition to viral TikTok fame, Byoma Balancing Mist has over 130 four and five-star reviews online at Boots.

“A very refreshing face mist,” wrote one happy customer, “super handy to use a toner as a spray instead of another liquid or serum to add to the routine!”

“Makes my skin look and feel great,” wrote another.

The mist-come-spray action did take some getting used to. It's quite sudden, and sprays slightly more than other, continuous mists on the market which is noted in a lot of reviews.

I wouldn’t say that’s too much of an issue, as the formulation and packaging kudos, plus its £12 price point for 100ml, more than make up for any missing mist pump action, it just might take a few tries to get used to.

“Refreshing and light. Leaves skin feeling good,” added another buyer. “Maybe a heavier spray than I would like, prefer more mist but overall a lovely little face spray to give a hydration.”

Buy it: Byoma Balancing Face Mist | £11.99 at Boots

Also available at Cult Beauty

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