This Is How You Should Butter Your Toast, According To Nigella Lawson

It seems simple enough, doesn’t it? Toast the bread, butter the bread, eat the bread. Job done.

However, according to Nigella, it’s not quite that our known process has been wrong all along but instead that we could be doing it a little better. We could be making this staple snack a little more... moreish.

Usually, I would be outraged at even the suggestion that I wasn’t buttering toast correctly, of all things. However, who am I to argue with Nigella herself?

How to butter toast the Nigella way

In a video from 2020, Nigella said that she favours the, “two-stage buttering approach”.

Stage one is likely exactly how you already butter your toast. Hot, right out of the toaster, letting the butter melt in.

Stage two, however, is where the magic happens. Nigella says during this stage, she needs a little more butter and it will stay in ‘golden patches’ on the surface of the toast.

Surprisingly, Nigella uses unsalted butter but, once she’s spread her two layers of butter, she sprinkles some sea salt over the toast. She describes this method as “the platonic ideal of toast”.

Honestly? It sounds delicious.