Butt out of my life: Nur Sajat to haters aroused by her bikini body

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A fugitive Malaysian celebrity seeking sanctuary abroad has a message for her haters: Leave me alone.

The cosmetics entrepreneur lashed out online in a series of Instagram stories today just hours after she posted a photo of herself in a yellow string bikini. Nur Sajat closed the comments section in the photo after hundreds of haters were so aroused by images of transgender flesh that they brigaded the post to tell her to cover up and repent.

“Australia is a free country. Why do you guys still want to hate on me as if I’m still in Malaysia?” said the 36-year-old who’s seeking asylum down under.

“Stop being nosy. I can wear whatever I want, bikini, shorts, or nothing at all. Please respect me as a human being,” she added.

She reminded her conservative followers that they’re not the only ones interested in her life.

“My Australian fans may think that Malaysians are aggressive and violent,” said the social media personality with more than 350,000 followers on Instagram.

“I have never judged you guys… I just want to wear skimpy clothes. There is freedom here. Nudity is allowed at some places here,” she added.

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