Busy Philipps Sips Cocktails with the “Girls5Eva” Cast in Her New Late Night Show: 'We Love Our Martinis' (Exclusive)

The actress discusses why she’s bringing her upbeat energy to a completely unscripted QVC+ show

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Busy Philipps

Busy Philipps is well, busy.

It’s a pun the 44-year-old actress has likely heard countless times, but it very much applies to this point in her career. On top of filming the Netflix comedy Girls5Eva and recording her podcast Busy Philipps is Doing Her Best, she’s preparing for the launch of a QVC+ late-night show entitled Busy This Week, debuting Wednesday, May 8. The unscripted show promises memorable guests, a slew of laugh-out-loud moments and a healthy dose of retail therapy.

Returning to late night almost five years after Busy Tonight ended was something the versatile actress always had in mind, choosing to produce the new show with her podcast cohost Caissie St. Onge.

“It was very much in the front of my brain when Busy Tonight was canceled,” Philipps tells PEOPLE, adding that QVC+ did a terrific job with building out a set in a New York City loft. “They really killed it.”

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<p>QVC+/HSN+</p> Paula Pell, Busy Philipps, Sara Bareilles and Renee Elise Goldsberry on 'Busy This Week.'


Paula Pell, Busy Philipps, Sara Bareilles and Renee Elise Goldsberry on 'Busy This Week.'

For the show’s premiere, Philipps has martinis with her Girls5Eva castmates Sara Bareilles, Renée Elise Goldsberry and Paula Pell.

“I really love those girls, and they've been so supportive of me,” she explains. “I will show up for anything that any of them ask or ever need, whether it's professional or personal. We really do have such a special bond. When we were talking about who was going to be the possible first guest on the show, I was like, ‘Well, it's got to be the girls. We have to do all of them.’  And all of them jumped and were super excited to come and do it.”

During the episode, the actress also discussed a popular Instagram post from April 6 showing her daughter Birdie, 15, wearing her mother’s Betsey Johnson dress from 1999. The fashion brand also shared a side-by-side photo of the mother and daughter rocking the dress 25 years apart in an Instagram post from April 10.

“I was very surprised that that picture went so super viral and people really responded to it, and I think that also speaks to the nostalgia for the '90s,” Philipps says, adding, “We used that [photo] to discuss how the ‘90s are back, how the fashion of the ‘90s is cool with kids.”

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<p>QVC+/HSN+</p> Busy Philipps and 'Busy This Week.'


Busy Philipps and 'Busy This Week.'

During her interview with PEOPLE, Philipps also discussed bringing up her two children, Birdie, and Cricket Silverstein, whom she shares with Marc Silverstein.

In raising them, she says tries to be as “open” with them about the world as she can. “In turn, I hope that they feel comfortable enough to be open with me about whatever they need to be talking about or sharing," she says.

The actress admits that being a parent to her daughters also means that she’s learning from them, too.

“They're teaching me the great news about life, which is that you get a fresh chance every minute of every day, and if you mess something up, it's okay to admit that you've messed something up and to start clean,” she explains. “It’s like what I try to impart to them as well. We make mistakes. We forgive one another. We move on. We try to do better next time.”

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Busy This Week premieres Wednesday, May 8 at 10 p.m. ET on QVC+.

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