Busker brings comfort to strangers in New York

STORY: This busker has found a unique way

to comfort strangers

by letting them lie under his piano

and feel the vibration of the notes

"It was like everything kind of stopped existing, except for what was underneath the piano. Like there was no sound and it was just that music.

Location: New York, New York

Colin Huggins has been a piano busker for 15 years

He wheels his 900-pound grand piano

more than half a mile each day to perform


"I've always wanted to accommodate feelings in the best way possible. And I want to do it with music. And this is the best way I figured out how to do it. Maybe someday I'll figure out a way to do it even better. And I won't need to push this piano here. But as of now, this is the best I've got."

He continued to play even throughout the lockdowns

often to an audience of zero

He says his goal is to help others deal with their emotions

"It was amazing. I've never heard music like that from that angle. It's really special. There's drawings and people writing underneath the piano too, from years ago, so it's powerful."

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