It’s business (suit) time: Japanese man climbs Mount Kinabalu in three-piece suit

Talk about taking things way over the top — a Japanese man climbed up Mount Kinabalu recently in a three-piece suit as a means to market his clothing brand.

Suited up from head to toe for business and with a briefcase in hand, Nobutaka Sada managed to complete the hike up the tallest mountain in Malaysia with impeccable style.

Sada, who is a Japanese tailor and clothing enthusiast, chronicled his journey via his TikTok account @yokujr:

In the video, Sada can be seen standing by Mount Kinabalu’s side and taking in its stunning views. The video has since gone viral, with many people astounded by Sada’s ability to reach the summit while dressed formally.

He also wrote about his experience climbing in his own suit brand called ‘Sada’ on Facebook.

“Climbing Mt. Kinabalu, Malaysia’s highest peak in Borneo, Malaysia with SADA’s order suit! Mountain higher than Mt. Fuji at 4095m elevation!

“In addition, I was able to stay in a hut in the middle of the starlight, climb up a steep climb, and enjoy the light at the top of the mountain!”

“We climbed 2,300m elevation difference in the tropical humidity, and got rained on, but SADA’s order suit kept it level enough to attend business meetings! SADA’s order suit is okay for climbing Mount Kinabalu (^^),” he said.

Internet users also applauded Nobutaka for his creativity and hard work in wanting to make his brand known.

Take note small businesses, every journey can be a marketing campaign.


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